9 июн. 2009 г.

paticipation in the first Moscow International Biennial of Young Art (Stop! Who is going?)2008

1) a series of collages with name "cities", the museum of the modern art (project "migration")

2)video collages "flight of beauty", gallery "Zurab", "souvenirs of ufo"2008

Glossy attraction 2 ( collages from different projects)

121x91 121x91 121x91
project " My Icone" for cafe Gallery

121x91 121x91 121x91

for exhibition (Paul Smith, cafe Gallery)(150x100)

100x70 "vogue" 121x91"Rosmarine Child"

"trees " 86x61 " the cock"61x43

140x120 122x86 61x43
" blue velvet"